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I believe the best tool in our tool box is the ability to improve our quality of life at the drop of a hat. Most of us, whether we know it or not, can start some form of exercise today if we wanted to. I’m not talking about running a marathon! I’m talking about something as simple as walking. Walking is proven to help burn calories and help reduce body fat when done for a certain amount of time and at a certain heart rate (Download the FREE CARDIO WORKOUT PLAN for directions on calculating your target heart rate for burning body fat while exercising). It's simply a matter of being motivated to do it.

Well here’s a little motivation. The leading cause of death in African American males is heart disease, which can be prevented by exercising. If that did not make you get up and start doing some jumping jacks, maybe the next few sentences will. If you care anything about the youth, you might want to think twice before leading a sedentary life, because kids are infamous for mimicking what adults do. You don’t want to be the person telling your kids to, “Do as I say, not as I do”. One more tidbit of motivation for those out there that are a little bit more selfish than others (LOL).! Exercising increases your testosterone naturally! If you have cardiovascular disease that means the blood circulation to IMPORTANT BODY PARTS can be hindered. We don’t want that do we guys!

There are several other reasons for why exercising is important, but the overall take home message is that we have been given this one body to take care of the best we can, and we are responsible for making sure that we use our bodies in the most optimal way. But in order to do that, we must be aware that we have all been given the divine gift of life. Look guys! We are the protectors and keepers of the light that God put in us. A light that shines brighter and brighter the more healthier we are! Let’s Get Kappa Fit!

-Coach Ruak

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