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This challenge is simple! All you have to do is take the health survey below to get started . Once done you will be led to a website where you can purchase a GET KAPPA FIT membership. The GKF membership is $50 per month and comes with:

  • Access to a comprehensive fitness app

  • Custom workout programs with video assistance that are designed to get you real results

  • On-demand workouts

  • Meal plan assistance 

  • Weekly accountability text messages

  • Access to members only virtual wellness meetings

  • Discounts on Get Kappa Fit Swag


Choose at least 6 out of the 11 activities to be a part of the Get Kappa Fit FREE Challenge. You can also become a site member for FREE and receive 6 PDF workout plans once you sign in.

  • Drink at least half your body weight in ounces of water daily

  • Do Cardio for 30 minutes most days of the week

  • Do 15-30 minutes of strength training at least 3 times per week

  • Eat at least 3 servings of vegetables per day

  • Eat at least 2 servings of fruits per day

  • Eliminate processed refined sugar

  • Eliminate carbonated beverages

  • Learn to meditate at least 3 days per week for at least 2 minutes

  • Recite positive affirmations at least 3 days per week

  • Decrease screen time by 25%

  • Do a stretching regimen at least 3 days per week

Take the health survey below. This helps me customize content for all brothers.

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